Companies looking to launch a new brand or product need to know the potential markets, the size of the market and the competition.. This information is key to positioning the brand or product, the target customer categories and potential price point to launch.

We carry out on your behalf an industry analysis and competition mapping. We work with an expert team of market research analysts who understand the various industry sectors and related market behaviors. We build and conduct sample studies, in addition to analyzing industry sector reports. We analyze the market to map the competitors and develop comparison maps based on multiple parameters.

Key activities include

  • Industry sector mapping
  • Competitor mapping and analysis
  • Sample surveys and analysis
  • Market positioning analysis
  • Price point analysis and recommendations


We leverage the analysis and recommendations from the market research and competition mapping to identify the target customer and market segments, map the customer segments and build the message themes that connect and educate the customers about the brand. The market and competition mapping also helps us recommend the right packaging and pricing that will make your brand attractive to the target customers

Key activities include

  • Target Customer segment identification and mapping
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Key brand messaging themes development
  • Distribution Channels and identification
  • Communication Channels identification


We leverage the Go-to-Market strategies to create sales and marketing plans that help promote your products to your identified target customer segments, and gain a competitive advantage. . These sales plans are followed up with marketing plans which helps convert potential consumers.

Key activities include

  • Marketing plans
    1. Trade marketing for successful product placement and visibility
    2. Consumer marketing for initial and repeat purchasing engagement
  • Sales Plans
    1. Sales Forecasts
    2. Upsell and cross-sell plans


We have the right experts with experience in building wide area distribution networks for various products and industry segments. Our expert consultants leverage the GTM strategies and marketing and sales plans to build the distribution network to get your product from the manufacturing plan into your customers’ hands.

Key activities include

  • Distribution Network strategy
  • Distributor, Wholesaler and retailer channel development
  • Channel partner agreements including commission and incentive plans
  • Channel partner onboarding, management and appraisal
  • Channel partner marketing


Our Digital transformation teams have expertise in identifying, implementing and training internal teams on various IT systems for frontline teams, back office support and extended supply chain up to the point of the consumer.

Key activities include

  • Filed Sales Management:
    1. Sales Targets and forecasts for Annual / Month / Week / Day
    2. Announcement of trade promotion schemes
    3. Periodic Sales Reports
    4. Retailer Order management
    5. Salesforce productivity
    6. Sales Team Management – Attendance, Incentives, Expenses, Training & Appraisal
  • Distribution Network
    1. Distributor and Retail schemes
    2. Inventory tracking
    3. Order creation and tracking
    4. Payments and credit note management
    5. Complaints / Feedback / Grievances
    6. Retail channel measurement and reporting
  • Sales and Marketing
    1. Sales and Distribution MIS
    2. Inventory and Stock MIS
    3. Trade Promotion schemes management
    4. Production planning
    5. Working Capital Management
    6. Customer and Retail channel feedback management
    7. After sales, Repair and returns management
    8. Quality Management – complaints / damaged / expired products


We have experience across industry sectors in building human resource management strategies to identify the rights skills and attitude suited for the organization environment, help recruit the right talent and identify skills enhancement and management training to increase resource productivity.

Key activities include

  • Skills identification for different business functions
  • HR process development from recruiting to retaining talent
  • HR engagement plans development
  • Learning and development programs for skills enhancements
  • Talent recruitment
  • Absenteeism and attrition management to minimize impact of business services
  • Appraisal process management
  • HR process monitoring, measurement and reporting


Our experience in setting up and managing successful eCommerce channels for our clients let us be your partners in getting your business online. We consult on the right online platforms and technologies which ensure both ease of retail store management and secure customer engagement, including product catalog listing, exclusive online promotions and online brand visibility. We also help onboard as preferred vendors with leading institutional sales channels like HORECA, CSD canteens and corporate sales and gifting platforms.

Key activities include

  • eCommerce and online retail platform implementation
  • Secure payment platforms management
  • Digital marketing and promotions
  • Product catalog listing and category management
  • Cross platform promotion and selling


Our legal and compliance practice work closely with you to ensure your business and trade practices are in line with both your specific industry compliance requirements and local, national and international laws.

Key activities include

  • GMP/GHP & Product Due Diligence
  • FSSAI (Packaging & Labelling)
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Legal Agreements & Advisory
  • Compliance Checklists & Legal Audit